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Writing Section Guidelines and Rules Empty Writing Section Guidelines and Rules

on Mon May 22, 2017 11:45 pm
Most of these rules will explicitly apply to the Writing Section however similar behaviour is expected all across the forums, so only because you can't do X here, doesn't necessarily mean that you can elsewhere. The rules will be split into two sections, content and behaviour.


1. Marking The Title
There are many forms of writing in this section, some of the more popular forms are poems and stories. For simplicity and accessibility reasons, it is required to state (In your title) whether the thread is a poem, story and/or series. This can be done by putting [Story] or [Poem] at the start or end of the title. This will also apply for any future writing prompts and/or writing competitions by having [Prompt] or [WComp] at the front.

2. Continuation of Your Work
If there are numerous parts to your work or it is a collection of sorts (Such as a collection of poems which hold similar context/moral) which can be intrepreted as a saga or series, it is preferable that you edit the original post to add new content or for the content to be posted separately in the same thread (For minimum trouble of accessing the next part, it is advised to make the additional content a bit more glamorous if it is posted as a separate post). By doing this, we're keeping the Writing Section cleaner and making your favourite threads more accessible as a result of the One Thread Policy (OTP).

3. Spam
There may be circumstances where your thread was removed, we advise that you contact a staff member as soon as possible to come to an understanding of the removal of the thread, however if you believe the removal of the thread was unnecessary; ask the staff member if there is any possible way to change the contents of the thread to be approvable on the forums. On the other hand, reposting the thread will be considered spam which is intolerable resulting in a warning being issued. However, if you have double posted a thread by accident (This can sometimes be done by your system lagging and you pressing the post button multiple times during the lag period) then a warning will not be issued if the situation was dealt with immediately or as soon as possible.

4. Friendly Content
Posting content which is deemed 18+ or NSFW (Not Safe For Work) is not tolerated on the forums. This includes pornography, gore, sensitive subjects and etc. This includes excessive/detailed talk, pictures, videos/gifs and links. By sensitive subjects, we mean subjects such as suicide with images which may be deemed as disturbing and/or upsetting. Depending on how severe the offense is, the punishment can range from a warning to a permanent ban. If you're not sure whether the content you wish to discuss/post is breaking this rule, we advise that you contact a member of the staff for them to determine whether the content is tolerable or not.

5. Slanderous Remarks
Posting any derogatory, slanderous and offensive contect out of malicious intentions is not tolerable on the forums; once seen, your thread/post will be removed and depending on how severe the contents of the post are will depend on the punishment. However if the content falls under these categories unintentionally, then the problem will be addressed by a staff member and you will be requested to change the contents of the post and possibly apologise.

6. Content Thief
Content theft will never be tolerated on the forums and this applies to the Writing Section. If you have not gotten the permission of the author and/or claiming the work to be yours, will be a breakage of the rule. If such behaviour persists then a ban may be issued immediately as theft is dishonourable and can also be upsetting to the author.


1. Approval of Work
If you do not approve of someone's work, you are in no way allowed to harass, upset and/or annoy the user. If you have a problem with their content, discuss it with the writer in a civil manner especially if the content is upsetting. If a solution hasn't been made, you can contact a staff member but ONLY if the content is upsetting you.

2. Constructive Criticism
If you are going to give criticism to the writer, it can ONLY be constructive. Comments such as, "You're really bad at writing" which provide no advice on ways to improve are not tolerated.

3. Parodies
If there is content which you like/dislike and you wanted to create a parody and/or remake of it, unless the writer has given consent, it is not allowed to do so on the forums. Any behaviour of such will result in thread being immediately removed and a warning will be issued.

4. Constant Comments
Just as thread spamming is not acceptable, it is also not acceptable to spam within a thread. Unless constructive criticism is being given or a regular conversation is happening, we do not tolerate constant posting which has no purpose. It is also prefered that if you are starting to have a normal conversation within the thread and it is not with the writer, that you take the posting elsewhere so that constructive criticism can be more easily accessible by the writer.

If you are having trouble whether your thread will be breaking any rules or not, it is advised that you contact a staff member to read through the thread so that they can give their judgement on whether it is acceptable to post or not. If the staff member doesn't allow you to post, it is advised that you reread through your work to understand why. However if you decide to post the thread anyway, it will be removed immediately and there will be consequences.
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