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Cloud God of Tartaros: Derek joins the battle! Empty Cloud God of Tartaros: Derek joins the battle!

on Wed May 24, 2017 2:07 pm
Ello, fellows of Team Kios! My name is Derek, i shall be thy ever looming threat to all creation! MWHAHAA!!!

But, seriously...Howdy! I'm from the group who helped decide to share this kind of experience with all those lost souls (I was moral support at least sunny ).

Anywho, a select few of you schmucks may know me already (Looking at you Danny <. <), but for all those strangers, and the fact that i was forced by legal contract to do this, might as well give you a glimpse into the marvelous me~ What a Face

I'm a fan of manga and Anime (Fairy Tail, Soul Eater, My Hero Academia, plus more!), and i generally am a big Crack Pairing Shipper Very Happy . I'm interested in writing, mostly fanfiction but i plan on writing my own book at somepoint. I will more than likely remain hidden with the deaths of Team Kios RP Paradise, where i avidly play the role of Antagonist/Villain! Twisted Evil And have had frequently tried to kill my fellow RP'ers once or twice...or more Razz I'm also a fan of drawing, especially manga style art. I love creating things, characters, worlds, backstories, etc.

And, i sincerely hope we get to nurture this place as a home for all those who feel they have nowhere safe to go, we shall embrace all and i hope we all can grow together as a family.

Derek, out~
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