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Echo of Nothingness (EON III) Continuation OC Thread

on Sun May 28, 2017 9:28 am
This does not have the proper format for an OC Thread, however it's here for documentation purposes so everyone who is not familiar with EON can look at and read the OC descriptions that were originally posted on Fairy Tail Base. Also, new OCs will go here.
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Re: Echo of Nothingness (EON III) Continuation OC Thread

on Sun May 28, 2017 9:30 am
The OC descriptions that I have saved that aren't fully finished, as the finished products were edited on the original FTB thread. So there are extra youtube videos and appearance pictures, as well as some text in parenthesis. I'll edit my post in with the correct versions later.
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Re: Echo of Nothingness (EON III) Continuation OC Thread

on Mon May 29, 2017 6:06 pm
Name: Yosenju Rohan

Nickname: None

Age: 18

Theme song:
Another One Bites The Dust- Queen
Bohemian Rhapsody- Queen
Tusk- Fleetwood Mac

Rohan is a tall, muscular man with red hair and amber eyes. His red hair is kept short, ruffled, and spiked, with two strands of hair near the opposite sides of his head falling over his face, as well as distinct sideburns. He wears a black, leather jacket with a fur collar and a white V-neck underneath. He wears dark blue, denim jeans held up by a simple brown belt, with a silver chain attached from the belt to his back pocket, additionally with black shoes to top off the rest of his outfit.

Personality: Rohan is arrogant, hotheaded, he believes he's better than everyone else, he likes to show off and doesn't really like to talk to people but Rohan might help someone and pretend to be their "friend" but only if he's interested in something such as money and other thing, although he maybe a jerk he really loves his family, he may seem tough from the outside and inside but he also has a soft side but never shows it to other people, when his family is not around he combs his hair back just like his dad and smoke from time to time, he's clever and sees everything as a weapon or finds a way to use it as his advantage.

Seishitsu: Fire Seishitsu and Kiko power

Home: A small island off to the shore of

Quote(s): "The only reason you lost is because... you really piss me off..."
"There's only 2 things that's I like in this world... Money and myself"
"There's nothing more powerful than me! The great Rohan Yosenju! And if I loose by any chance it's because I felt pity for you and let you win!"
" I! The great Rohan Yosenju is even greater than any god so bring it on!"
"You can't beat me!"
"It's laughable that you think you are better than me!"
"Another...One Bites... The Dust..."
"So now you need help from the great, the one and only... I! Rohan Yosenju!... Hmmm... I! Rohan Yosenju refuses!"

Height: 6'1

Relatives: •Yosenju Kama(Father) •Yosenju Cherokee (Mother) •Yosenju Natsumi (Big sister) •Yosenju Sango (Little sister) •Yosenju Tsubaki (Little sister)

Bio: Rohan is the son of Kama And Cherokee, he's the second child out of 4. He inherited the fire Seishitsu from Kama but he didn't get the water seishitsu from his mother, has always loved to fight since his father made him train with his Seishitsu and hand to hand combat at an early age just in "case" anything happened. Rohan always fought with other kids and even adults occasionally, he won some fights, and lost some too but in the end it was always a win for him since he learned from his mistakes. His father was away most of the time because of his job but Rohan always looked up to him, but since his father wasn't around he hanged out on the streets a lot. When he was around the age of 10 he "joined" a gang of fire users of Kagutsuchi because his father was away most of the times because of his work and at home he only had sisters and his mom , they were called the Fire Fist, at first he was kinda like a water boy for them, 3 years later when he was 13 he gained the respect from the gang members since he was good at stealing things, eventually he became a member of the Fire Fist gang this time he beat people up who were late on paying the Fire Fist or people who didn't want to pay in general, he trashed houses, stole from the ones who own something to the Fire Fist, when he was 15 he got into a big fight against another gang but Rohan was alone he took them on it was 1 on 12, he was getting beaten up pretty bad, he didn't stand a chance against all 12 maybe if he fought half of them he could be winning. During the fight he unlocked something without knowing, it was the Kiko power, this gave him the win. He told his Dad about and learned that it was called Kiko, Kama told him that he only had seen it during the battle against Jove. This made Rohan more cocky and made him believe that he can even surpass gods. He sometimes help with some invention Kama made he tried the prototypes and got the final product first he even helped creating the seishitsu engine, sometimes he made secret projects with Kama like the Seishitsu MachineGun, a gun that uses the users seishitsu to fire, the projectiles depend on the users seishitsu but it failed most of the times when he tested them. Rohan had been getting into of trouble recently with other gangs, police and random people, he has been in jail at least 15 times already, but always finds a way to escape
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Re: Echo of Nothingness (EON III) Continuation OC Thread

on Fri Jun 16, 2017 5:52 pm
Name: Zachariah Zorian Adelard Chen Caelyus-Fahlih The Second

Nickname: Zee (By his Uncle and Mother), Zach (By pretty much everyone else), Sugar (Solely by Natsumi)

Age: Eighteen

Theme song:


Personality: Zesty and charismatic, Zach's got everything it takes to win the hearts of all the ladies in the land. Or atleast he thinks so. With a compassionate heart that is at constant battle with his intellect he's always trying to do the right thing but not always successful and often ends up a little foolish. He tends to be more reserved about his family, with the pasts of either his parents under much scrutiny from the people tends to not to be the first thing he mentions and the fate if his brother a sore subject.

Seishitsu: Earth and Light

Home: Nil's capital, Ryujin

"Well I didn't cry or throw up so I would count that a success."


"I don't know much about love but I know it starts with really good hair."

Height: 6'3"

Relatives: Zofia Zoria Adelaid Fahlih (Mother), Zachariah Zorian Adelard Fahlih the First (Maternal Uncle), Sehun Cealyus (Father), Solomon Cealyus-Fahlih (Estranged Brother), Kamila Peaks (Maternal Cousin), Kios Siopelos (Paternal Uncle), Danyell Siopelos (Paternal Aunt in Law), Leios Siopelos (Paternal Cousin), Lissandra Siopelos (Paternal Cousin)

Bio: At the time of his birth Zach's uncle, the first Zachariah, was MIA in a military exercise in the Nilisian desert. Zofia, heavily pregnant and unable to search for her twin brother, feared the worst and vowed to name her newborn after him. Zach's birth was without complications, other than his uncle and his stranded platoon arrived in the city just in time to see him get named after him. Tears were shed, Zachariah the First tell that story every year on his birthday. Zofia set herself up for a lifetime of confusion and she'll never forgive herself.

In childhood he was trained by his mother and father alongside his older brother. Mostly his mother, as his father had a nasty habit of disappearing for months on end. When he was fourteen Zach experienced a dream that chilled him to his very core, a dream were he was torn apart by two immensely powerful and ancient sources. He woke in the morning in a cold sweat after fighting from the dream, only to find his brother went missing in the night.

Zach began living with his uncle shortly after, in the Fahlih family estate in the underground city of Ryujin. There he studied under his uncle, honing his mind as well as his earth seishitsu abilities. Until the fateful day his uncle sent him away on his mothers wish and this whole fiasco started.

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Re: Echo of Nothingness (EON III) Continuation OC Thread

on Sat Jan 27, 2018 12:08 pm
Name: Soloman Mirasci Caelyus-Fahlih

Nickname: The Wanderer, The Gatekeeper, Soncharipa (Killer of Light)

Gender: Male

Age: 19

Theme song:

(Pre-Soul Contract)

(Post-Soul Contract)

Personality: Soloman was, although a bit slow and introverted as a kid, he was for all intents and purposes, outwardly normal. As the influence of the souls increased and waned throughout the years, Soloman would gradually go from happy and soulful to distant and lethargic, and then back again. Once he sealed the contract with them and left home, his emotions were initially intact, bolstered by a period of peace beforehand and emotional connections to his family which he had left behind, but as he killed more and more, these feelings gradually wore down until his only semblance of humanity and connection lay with the world and nature, as it was the one thing which he knew the Souls could never be able to take from him. His childlike wonder and idealism were quickly diminished and he is now much more realistic and at the same time pessimistic. Though he remains now as a cold killer, he does so with reluctance, and more to protect his family and keep the Souls satisfied than for the act of killing. After all, even the most sadistic of serial killers would eventually get bored of death with the amount Soloman has caused.

Seishitsu: Stardust (Light+Sand), Soul

Home: Nomadic, Skyhold


“Do you know what punishments I've endured for my crimes, my sins? Not nearly enough. I am proof of the absurdity of men's most treasured abstractions. A just universe wouldn't tolerate my existence.”

“Man seeks peace, yet at the same time yearning for war... Those are the two realms belonging solely to man. Thinking of peace whilst spilling blood is something that only humans could do. They're two sides of the same coin... to protect something... another must be sacrificed.”

“Most people live their lives waiting to be judged one day by some God who they have never laid eyes upon. Many more go to sleep afraid of being haunted by demons who cannot lay a finger on them. That is the difference between me and you. I am my own judge. I slay my demons while I’m awake so I sleep peacefully through the night. We’re all human, all the same, I just choose not to fear the invisible.”

Height: 5’11”

Relatives: Sehun Caelyus (father), Zach Caelyus (brother), Zofia Caelyus (mother), Danyell Siopelos (aunt), Kios Siopelos (uncle), Leois Siopelos (cousin), Liss Siopelos (cousin)

Bio: As much as man believes it harbors the power of weaving its own destiny, in the end, they are all merely pawns, dictated by the path those before them have taken. Soloman’s path was not his own to begin, already corrupted by the deeds of another. Though the soul of his father, Sehun, was untouchable, guarded by a light as ancient as the universe itself, his son was not as fortunate. Those who met their death at Sehun’s hands, during his time spent allied with Jove, longed for revenge, and if they could not exact it on their killer, the least they could do was make sure his son suffered for their pain.

A piece of advice to anyone who ever comes across him, do not look into his eyes… for the tortured souls of those his father had wronged have claimed his light and tainted his soul. If you stare too long… well, the souls of the dead are ALWAYS eager for new prey.

Soloman was the first child born to two legendary seishitsu users, Zofia and Sehun Caelyus, two of the coalition of great warriors who helped vanquish the threat of the demigod Jove Vermillion from the world. Most babies cry when they’re born, but Soloman simply stared off into the distance, at the shadows gathering in the corner of the room. Ever since he could remember, he had been scared of the dark. It felt… so expansive, infinite, almost. And infinity was something that Soloman preferred not to think of.

Growing up, Soloman was always second in the eyes of his parents, overshadowed by his younger brother, Zach. Although, no one could blame Sehun or Zofia for playing favorites. Soloman exhibited dark behavior even as a child, tormented and tempted by the souls of Sehun's victims, which slowly drove him further and further into the crevice of introversion. Put a doll in front of him, his first thoughts were the thousands of ways to dismember it. A story book? Great for starting a fire. Whereas his brother was everything his parents wanted, Soloman was a disgrace, a dirty secret. His parents wanted desperately to love him, but how could they? He was drained of his capacity to feel it.

The souls wanted desperately to tear him apart, drive him mad, do anything to get some twisted form of vengeance. However, Soloman did the one thing they DIDN'T anticipate. He befriended them, became their conduit in the world of the living. Unknown to his parents, he would train himself to control the otherworldly powers of the souls. When his family was asleep and the town was silent, he would convene with them, and train himself to channel the souls through his body. And, in the light of day, he slowly returned to normal. Now, the souls ceased their attack on his mind... they had a new mission. To train this boy so that he could bring others of his world to join them.

Of course, Sehun and Zofia could sense that there was something off about him, but to their knowledge, he was improving. Soloman was a much more normal child now, he smiled more, laughed more, and even made progress during his seishitsu training with his parents. Where before he had shown no interest or ability in regards to seishitsu, his soul was, for the time being and for all intents and purposes, free of the control of the souls.

He lived the next few years peacefully, in fact, after a while, the souls didn't respond to his call when night fell. Eventually, Soloman simply forgot about his connection with the otherworldly, and lived an otherwise normal life, much to the delight of his parents.

On the night of his fifteenth birthday, though, they would return to collect their debt.

The souls were hungry, yes, but they did not let this hunger take their competence. They waited until everyone was asleep, tired from the excitement and frenetic pace of Soloman’s birthday festivities. That is of course, everybody but the birthday boy himself. He lay awake on his bed, eyes wide open and so alert, that, well, you’d think he’d seen a ghost or two. Soloman was not asleep for lack of trying, but because he felt it again, and he knew that they had finally come back. After his training with them so long ago, and the way he had learned to control and synergize with them, he was able to block them out for a couple of hours, but as the whispers grew louder and louder, he simply couldn’t ignore the deafening cry.

So, he let them in.

“Blood for blood,” they said, over and over as they broke down his free will through their mind numbingly incessant chanting through the night, and eventually were able to effortlessly assume control of his body from him. Soloman was forced to rise out of bed and walk, slowly, unwillingly through the hallway of his upper floor. To his horror, they stopped him right in front of the doorway which he dreaded most in this moment, his brother Zach’s. He gripped the handle, and opened the door, the cold metal of the knob freezing him down to his core, chilling his very heart as he knew what would come next. The creak of the old hinges sounded like the roar of a jet engine, louder than anything he could ever remembering hearing. As he crept toward Zach’s bed, his stomach dropped with each slow labored step he took closer to his brother. ‘Please, tell me what you want. Let me talk to you like we used to!” he screamed in his head, pleading with the souls as he unsheathed the dagger he kept in his belt. Soloman knelt down next to the bedside, and put one hand over Zach’s mouth, the souls would prefer the little one not to pester them with his screaming and shouting as he was sent down to their world. ‘Don’t do this! I’ll do anything! Please, I’ll do anything...’ he conceded, weeping quietly as his arms raised the knife into the air and brought it down onto Zach’s chest. But, then it stopped, mere centimeters above the boy’s heart. “Anything, you say?”

Soloman heard the souls now, not just in his head, but in the room with him. “Yes, anything, I swear to God I will do anything. Just don’t hurt my family,” he continued to beg, this time whispering to whatever presence shared the room with Zach and himself. “Very well,” it replied, as Soloman’s hand moved away from Zach, sliding his dagger back into its sheath. Soloman momentarily slumped over, overcome with an intense wave of diziness and nausea. The feeling passed after a couple of seconds, and he stood up, in control of his own body once more. “You will be our harbinger. Our link to the world of the living. From this day forth, your purpose in this world will be to act as a guide, if you will, and lead the inhabitants of your world into ours,” it stated, its voice less abstract now, but nonetheless still distinctly aetherial and distant. “Leave this house now and listen to my every order. Tell no one. Do you understand?” Soloman shook his head up and down frantically, holding onto the wall for support as he made his way out of his brother’s room, feeling once again close to passing out. He turned his face toward the mirror and a look of horror overcame him as he caught a glimpse of his left eye. It was completely black, pitch black, a shade so dark that it would put the night sky to shame. In the center was a blood red pupil, glowing ominously and permeating the shadows that inhabited Zach's bedroom. To his immense relief, he no longer felt the presence in the room with him, and immediately he stumbled back to Zach’s dresser, not having time to even give a thought to his eye, knowing he didn’t have much time left. Soloman quickly scribbled down a letter to his brother, attempting the impossible task of explaining his darkest secret which had plagued him all throughout his life, in a couple of sentences. He moved quietly over to Zach’s bed and placed the letter gently on his sidetable before rushing downstairs and through his front door, not wanting the souls to suspect any sort of treachery or disobedience, knowing full well the extent of damage they could do to everything he held dear.

As the letter lay still on Zach’s bedside, a gentle breeze came through his door, which Soloman had left open before leaving. The wind carried the letter off the book which it rested upon, and onto the plate that Zach kept his candle on, since he still wasn’t old enough to be able to sleep with the lights off. The corner of the letter caught the flame on its way down as it floated onto the plate, the flame spreading until it rendered the piece of parchment to ash. Then, as if never there, the breeze stopped, and the night carried on in with the same serene silence which it possessed just an hour beforehand.

The request of the souls was, in the simplest terms possible, to kill whoever, whenever, and wherever they requested. There was one formality, of course, which over time would grant Soloman a certain infamy, turning him into an urban myth of sorts as the years went by. The eyes of his victims must be gouged out of their corpses after their death. “It makes the entire process easier if they can’t see what happens when they arrive at our realm,” they would always tell him. Whether this was true or not he did not know, but it provided him with at least some comfort in knowing it might make him less of a monster. “Soncharipa,” was what the people started to call him: Killer of Light.

The targets he was given would usually be those who had committed some sort of transgression or crime. Murderers, criminals, corrupt politicians, immoral aristocrats, the whole lot. Other times, though, it would be entirely innocent, even benevolent people. Kids, old people, teachers, philanthropists, doctors, you know, the good people in society. He supposed they did this to keep him sharp and broken, easier to cut people with a shard of glass than a mirror, right? Despite this, he couldn’t seem to figure out any rhyme or reason to why he was assigned to kill people besides sending them to the souls’ world, but then why were they selective about it? Why not just have him go on a bloodlusted killing spree?

Well, they never told him, and eventually he stopped asking. Soloman spent most of his time that he didn’t spend killing people and cutting their eyes out of their heads, ironically, wandering, looking at nature's wonders. The beauty of the world reminded him he was still human. In the meantime, he needed a place to stay, and he knew that it would be a terrible idea to stay in a town, a city, or even a village. Too many loose ends. Too many ways to form connections, or to fall in love, or to make friends. It made killing harder when that way, and besides, there’s no guarantee that the souls wouldn’t turn around and have him kill anyone he formed a friendship with next. Their only guarantee was to leave Zach, Sehun, and Zofia alone, this didn’t include anyone else, even if he were to marry or have kids, they would be just as susceptible to be his next victim as anyone else. And, if he didn’t comply to their demands, guess who would be their first three names on the list to go after once they took his body again? Nonetheless, the souls lead him to a fortress in the ruins of Fuji, "Skyhold," was what they said it was called. It was so out-of-the-way in the mountains that no one would think to look for him there, better for him and for the Souls.

So, he kept on killing and taking meaningless life, for them, for his family. He would bear their burden so they would not have to. The people called him “Soncharipa,” and he guessed that was true, but at the same time, he was also the Light’s preserver. If he didn’t keep the souls satisfied, who knows what they would do with his body? To him, it wasn’t about who he was sending to the Gates of the Souls’ World, it was about keeping the Souls fenced in.
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Re: Echo of Nothingness (EON III) Continuation OC Thread

on Sun Apr 15, 2018 2:36 am
Name: Raiden Yama

Nickname: Rai

Age: 21

Theme song: “Angel with a Shotgun”


Personality: Rai is a bit of an optimist attempting to view all situations with a bright side despite how badly it becomes. He uses humor to cope with worse situation commonly surfacing in combat. Yet he strives to improve himself utilizing his natural abilities and day to day skills to become a better person instead of a powerful warrior.

Seishitsu: Earth and Lightening

Home: Seiya

Quote(s): “I heard you might be the strongest in the village, but I am the strongest in the region.”
“I hope you learned just as much as I did.”
“Good game my friend, I would hate to see you lose more face.:

Height: 5,11”

Relatives: Unknown

Despite being born soon after the final battle between Jove and the heroes of legend, Raiden would find himself abandon at an orphanage without many things except a name. He grew up alongside many other children surprisingly comfortably due to the funding of the island's government. The children would test out their inherit abilities in the backyard finding a mix of all sorts of elements from across the world. Moving earth became natural to him, he grew to enjoy the ability constantly attempting to master it to build little forts of rock and sand in little siege games. Lightning would come far later nearly by accident during a long thunderstorm. Raiden played out in the rain nearly getting electrocuted due to a bolt coming down near a puddy beneath him. He narrowly became a crisp despite redirecting the discharge away from himself inadvertently burning a hole in a nearby building.

Despite his lot in life, he remembered to always smile not for himself, but to help other kids to see its ok to feel happy. As he grew older, he found himself unwanted by most adoptive parents. Due to the kingdoms prosperity, not many people wanted to adopt instead of simply having their own. Occasionally a older couple who lost their children or desired to raise more would adopt, but those events were far between. Rai went to public school finding his own envy in regular kids. He started to act out feeling the need to gain people attention lacking the knowledge of how. Eventually, he would be caught red handed by a old farmer who is more than meets the eye. The farmer gave Rai a fierce beating for his action, but before he sent him home. The old farmer sat down and talked with him. They just talked for an hour. Then two. Then three.

Soon enough, the night seem to creep into the sky, and Rai felt a burden taken off his chest. Rai would come back to the farm once or twice a week occasionally pitching in to help the farmer out. He never asked for payment, but the farmer would reward him with treats occasionally like tarts or fried sweet potatoes. As a teen, he grew more interested in learning how to handle his abilities much more efficiently. The farmer seem able to at least instruct him on the basics due to his past career in the military. By the end, he could handle himself in a fight, but he refused to use them unless the fight devolved into using the elements. It just did not seem fair to use on unprepared people not to mention on how deadly it could be. Yet he still felt the urge to grow past this new limit choosing to head away from home to seek out a master to train him further. Spending a few days every week to stop by in villages across the island to learn from the locals new techniques and tricks to fighting and utilities.
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Re: Echo of Nothingness (EON III) Continuation OC Thread

on Tue Apr 17, 2018 11:55 am
Derek's Ocs:

Name: Yuu Kannagi

Nickname: N/A

Age: 17

Theme song:


Personality: Yuu is an excitable, and energetic youth. Kind, although uncouth, he has no problem interacting with others regardless of age or disposition. Often complementing people and offering help, which can be awkward for those who do not understand it. Despite not being the brightest, and coming off as dense, he is surprisingly very interested in girls. Yuu is also non-judgmental and very accepting of what peoe perceive as their "flaws"

His passion is to become a hero, which he frequently introduces himself as. Having grown up with stories of the fearless heroes who challenged a God, Yuu looks up to, and idolizies them. And this leads to his strong sense of justice and instinctive desire to protect others.

Yuu dislikes talking about his parents, and has a resentment towards the Vermillion Family.

Seishitsu: Fire/Water (ice) Seishitsu

Home: Kagutsuchi (Former)/Traveling

Quote(s): "The hero: Yuu Kannagi, has arrived!!!"

Height: 5'7"

Relatives: Unnamed Parents (Deceased)

Bio: A young man of unknown orgin. Yuu is a traveller seeking to become a hero that surpasses all others. His mother died early on in his life, while his dad was left to take care of him. He lived happily with his father, until the day came when his father was murdered. Thus sparking his ambition to become a hero more, leaving to seek out training experience and more.

Yuu has recently involved himself in the Battle of the Warlords.

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Re: Echo of Nothingness (EON III) Continuation OC Thread

on Thu Apr 19, 2018 8:21 pm
Name: Chusin Kusan

Nickname: Chuku

Age: 19

Theme song:

Appearance: Chusin is rather organized, always keeping his short, black hair combed down, and his shirt fully buttoned up, except the very first button from the bottom. He usually is in the blue and black outfit he wears for work, even at home he wears it due to not wanting to change clothing. He has a slight beard, which is already graying at the tips, kept trimmed to just half an inch from his face. Small creases extend downward from his face, due to the natural pout he puts on. His right arm has several burns extending up it, due to an accident in his childhood. He has minor heterochromia, with a slight natural darker shade to his skin around his right eye, the rest of his complexion being rather pale.

Personality: Chusin is a rather hopeful individual, seeing opportunity in even the most far gone souls. He believes it's everyone's duty to make the lives of those around them better, whether that be in paying for a boat fee, helping a homeless person, or simply offering a smile to someone having a bad day. He aspired to become a healer, even if he wasn't born with a water Seishitsu. This has driven him into a medical study, looking for ways other than powers to save people. Selfless in stressful situations, he will often go out of his way to help his friends. A fear of fire has led him to be scared of his own powers, this fright causing him to burn himself at a young age. He is drawn towards those with water Seishitsus, looking to learn from them.

Seishitsu: Lightning Seishitsu and suppressed Fire Seishitsu.

Home: Kagatsuchi.

Quote(s): "I guess I could do it... But maybe you could too!"

"Just imagine a world where we don't need powers to help."

"Even if I can't save everyone, trying is a good first step."

Height: 6'5

Relatives: Riuga Kusan and Emir Kusan

Bio: Chusin was raised in a middle class family, never wanting for much but not having much at the same time. When he started using his powers, they terrified him, seeing his fire unmake anything he touched. Burning his right arm, he began to fear fire as a whole, which was unfortunate due to growing up in Kagatsuchi. Moving with his father Riuga to Wu-Long, he became fascinated with the lightning of the region, following his fathers instructions he tried every day to make any spark. After months of failure it finally clicked, and he produced lightning, crimson like his old fire. Scared at first, he accepted it eventually. Wanting to help people, he observed healers almost every day, finding their powers even more fascinating than lightning. However, no matter how much he tried he couldn't find anything but his sparks, which more often than not hurt people.

In an attempt to get over his fear, he moved back to Kagatsuchi to his mother, learning of a promise of medical expertise there. Managing to keep his fears in check, he still requests that his mother doesn't use her fire around him too often. Working to become a paramedic, he is helping to understand how healing works, and strives to let people without water Seishitsu heal, with or without their power.
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Re: Echo of Nothingness (EON III) Continuation OC Thread

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