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Frequently Asked Questions

on Thu Jun 01, 2017 12:30 pm
Frequently Asked Questions
Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions thread (This thread may also be referred to as FAQ). The purpose of this thread is for anyone who is confused about a certain feature, events, behaviour and etc to refer to this thread for the answers to their confusion and possible questions.

This thread will be actively updated as more questions become relevant and/or irrelevant (eg. a feature which was frequently questioned being removed) However if you seek answers to a question which doesn't seem appear on here nor does anyone know an answer to it, you can click
here to access the ATS (Ask The Staff) Thread, where you can post your questions and be given an answer by a staff member.

The format of this thread is that each Q&A (Question and Answer) will be put into sections dependent on the subject/content of the Question. Each section will be put into spoilers and placed in aphlabetical order for accessibility purposes and so that scrolling through the thread isn't tedious.



Why is there a Contact Field?
The Contact Field is for people which want to advertise their accounts (eg. An Artist linking their website) or for easier methods of communication outside of the forums. The Contact Field is a compulsory part of your profile, therefore you are not required by the forums to post your contact details on there. We also advise that you only post contact details which you are comfortable sharing and do not invade your privacy to avoid any future problems.

How do I connect my accounts on the Contact Field?
If the account you are trying to connect is URL based (eg. Facebook Accounts are URL based)
1. Open your profile
Facebook Profile:
2. Copy your URL from the URL bar
URL bar:
3. Paste it into the required Field
Required Field:
4. Press save which can be found at the bottom of the page
Save Button:

If the account you are trying to connect is username or code based (eg. Skype Accounts are username based)
1. Open your profile
Skype Profile:
2. Copy your username
Copy Username:
3. Paste into required Field
Required Field:
4. Press save, which can be found at the bottom of the page
Save Button:

Does the personalisation of my profile have to be serious?
No, your profile reflects on YOU, therefore your location, age, hobbies and etc can be as random and silly as humanly possible. However they CANNOT break the forum rules and guidelines, if broken then you will be punished via a warning or any other means, dependent on what rules were broken.

What is a signature and/or do I have to have one?
A signature will be on the bottom of all of your posts, it can be anything you want however it must be within the rules/guidelines. By all means, you don't have to have a signature however they are very usual for advertising as whenever you post, people will see your signature.

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