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The Milky Way . . . Pirates? Empty The Milky Way . . . Pirates?

on Mon Jun 11, 2018 10:11 pm
Space! The place for adventure and constant learning of new worlds, the cultures that reside inside, and the various life that exists there. Our playing field: The Milky Way. Our imaginations: limitless.

My thought for this RP area is for pure fun and adventure. I will start off this adventure but I also want freedom for people to lead arcs of their own across space and to different planets. We should line this map with stars of different colors! Each a different place that we have explored an experienced within this wide galaxy. So if you have an idea feel free to ask for the reigns for the next arc and I'll gladly pass them over. Space is a place for creativity.

Post your OCs in the OC Thread plz.

The Milky Way . . . Pirates? The_mi10
Orange star: The trade planet Halvlok. It is a place that lures people from across the near solar systems and is famous in its part of the galaxy for trade.

Of course the general rules:
1. Respect other RPers
2. Listen to @Naro and his Co's.
3. No power playing (Ask permission before killing another RPers character.)
4. Please take all disagreements to a PM, or to a mod if necessary, rather than continuing them on the thread
5. Follow all site rules listed in the main subform
6. Have fun and be creative!
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The Milky Way . . . Pirates? Empty Re: The Milky Way . . . Pirates?

on Tue Jun 12, 2018 8:57 pm
First there was darkness. . .  then there was Ember. That is to say, she had just woken Fox up from a deep sleep, she was basically jumping on his bed with excitement shouting her usual nonsense. Mumbling to himself, Fox looked grabbed his phone, with the swipe of a finger a screen flickered into view. 2:00 AM it read.
"Emmmmbeeer." He drew out in frustration.
She stopped her bouncing and sat on the edge of the bed. "What?!" Excitement filled her orange eyes as she looked at him with anticipation of his reply.
"It's two o'clock in the morning."
"Yeah." She agreed.
Fox let out an annoyed sigh. "It. Is. Two in the morning, I understand your excitement but you can't go waking me up like this. When I said we would wake up early tomorrow I did not mean at two!"
"Okay!" She slipped off the bed and with a little dance went to the door. "I'll come back at five."
"Eight." He replied with tired eyes.
"Eight?!" Ember gasped as her shoulders slouched dramatically. "But that's too late!"
Fox replied with irritation dripping off his tongue. "It's normal Ember."
"But what am I supposed to do until then!" She whined.
"There are a lot of things you could do: pack us something to eat, make sure the ship has enough gas, triple check our supplies. Be creative."
"Oh!" Ember brightened. "That makes sense!" Her enthusiasm returned and she danced out the door.

-6 hours later-

Ember either over does, or under does things. Today she had outdone herself with a full on breakfast (complete with her usual mystery meat), she had enough food to feed five people over the next week, and though she had little experience with how space ships work, had somehow made the crappy ship she had bought look almost like it would have in its prime. All in just 6 hours. Dedication was key when it came to Ember. A little under 30 minutes later the two had boarded their small spacecraft and breached the atmosphere; pointing themselves toward the the trade planet Halvlok. The trip would take about two days so the two would have plenty of time to talk and Ember had plans.
"First order of business!" the Triix declared, standing up on her chair. "I am the captain, and we are now pirates!"
Fox didn't have the chance to tell Ember to get off the chair as he stared at her with his mouth hanging slightly ajar at the comment. "Wait. Pirates?"
"Yes! Together we shall go to Halvlok to get a larger ship with my parent's inheritance, gather up a crew, and make a name for ourselves as pirates!" Ember declared throwing a hand up in the air. It hit the ceiling and she let out a squawk of surprise.
"Wait, wait, wait." Fox said putting the ship on autopilot and turning to his friend. "You want to use your parent's inheritance to buy a pirate ship? You do know what a space pirate is right? Murderers, savages, attack defenseless ships, and do numerous other horrific deeds."
"No, no, no." she said plopping down in her seat. "We aren't gonna be like those guys, they suck. We're good pirates. Not like good-guys, but pirates that do what they want as they adventure through space." Ember gave him a wide grin as if what she said made complete sense.
"Then we're adventurers."
"No pirates."
"But we're 'good' pirates?"
"But isn't that the same thing as an adventurer?"
Fox gave her the most confused look full of disbelief. "B-but." He sputtered trying to make sense of Ember's logic.
She nodded, giving him a look of pity, "You clearly don't understand Fox."
The look frustrated him". I really don't Ember-"
She cut him off before he could continue. "Fox, do you trust me?" Her countenance went serious, so he went quiet.
"Yes." Was his humbled reply.
"Then follow me, it all makes sense in my mind, so if you just trust me then you'll be fine! I am the captain after all!" Her confidence practically shone.
Fox smiled and let out a little chuckle. "Very well, but one question. If you're the captain, then what am I?"
"The navigator obviously! You know the stars of the Milky Way like the back of your hand and you know how to pilot a ship better than anyone I know."
Fox accepted this, Ember's thoughts and ideas might not always make sense to him, but they had never failed either. "Very well then. . . Captain."

-The trade planet Halvlok-

The moment the two landed on the trade planet, they took the few belongings they had off the ship and it was sold. No ticket back home, the two only had the choice to take a step forward with enthusiasm. Step one: make it to the trade planet Halvlok. COMPLETED. Step two: gather up a crew. In progress.

(You don't have to make your replies this long, I'm just starting us off)
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