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edgar allan hoe lol

on Sun Nov 18, 2018 1:23 am
to be able to arise from ashes
and to gaze at the horizon, after centuries of living blind

the beauty of the earth became multiplied by a million,
and the story of Delilah rung its tale in my mind

for once the night was more than a mere celestial pavilion,
when the souls of my past lives,
burned alive
before my very eyes

i placed strength in not only myself, but my mother
and it taught me,
to never cross two parallel lines

for when a fire corrodes it spreads,
and deep within the cavern, the answers burn
without a trace, without a pattern

the bird only knows it’s role starts
when the flame begins and slows
and when the ashes turn to dust,
when the tree expands and grows,
is when the phoenix is born
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