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Welcome To My Ball Empty Welcome To My Ball

on Fri May 26, 2017 9:01 am
Hello, I am Voca

The nickname originated from the name Vocaloid/s which are voice programs made to create music with voice samples, such as the very popular Hatsune Miku as when I came back to FTB, I had been obsessed with them and there came the name, Voca.

Through my time on FTB (Prior and Post Voca) I had tried to be very social by accessing and mingling with users from all subforums, which sometimes had proven itself to be difficult as (Self Proclaimed Sloth Queen) it requires a lot of dedication to jump from subforum to subforum and keep up conversations. However my RP days came a bit later in the Voca time, where I stumbled across a free for all roleplay which involved Iskios (AKA Kios) and then followed him onto his own roleplay which had gradually gotten me introduced to all of the people who transferred from FTB to here.

My roleplay style is usually the depressing story of a noble or royal, which is why I've had three OC queens, one princess, one noble/prosperous business woman and a chief of a village, which means that there must be space for me and my ego. Jokes aside, It just happens that I roleplay as those kinda roles which I suppose means that I can play them decently. Afterall, I must've done something right to be fifth member of Team Kios. (Also first female, a bit of a stroke to my ego Razz )

Some funfacts of the day are, I can speak three languages (English, Polish and German though it's probably broken and weak), I've had a couple of my poems put into a bundle book, I was once apart of a band that went on tours and now I work for a company which organises something similar. Of course those are VERY interesting but here's the shocker, both of my parents were very athletic and very much the military type yet came myself, the laziest person alive out of those two dorks which is why they probably threatened me with military camp, woops.

Anyway, as a person, I can be quite criticising, honest, disinterested, professional, bit of a weirdo and occasionally the dramatic mean girl. Though don't let those traits of mine put you off as I can be nice, just don't catch me on a bad day. If you ever need help, a shoulder to cry on or a buddy to rant with (Blabbering about things angrily is my specialty, trust me) then hit me up as soon as possible because you get your emotions out and I get a bit of a thrill out of everything, though I will take the issue seriously.

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