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Monster Hunter Roleplay OCs Empty Monster Hunter Roleplay OCs

on Fri Jun 16, 2017 10:13 am
Heyo Team Kios Forum! This thread is for original characters for my Monster Hunter roleplay Link

Here is the OC sheet for reference if need be!

OC Sheet
Hunter Rank: (Low/High/G-Rank)
Age: (Realistically they'd probably be over 18)
Theme Song: (Optional)
Armor: (Here's a link to the MH Armor Wiki, ake sure to choose one that coordinates with you hunter rank http://monsterhunter.wikia.com/wiki/Category:Armor )
Weapon: (Here's a link to the MH Weapons Wiki, likewise with the armorhttp://monsterhunter.wikia.com/wiki/Weapon_Types)

Best of luck and Welcome to the Hunt!
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Monster Hunter Roleplay OCs Empty Re: Monster Hunter Roleplay OCs

on Fri Jul 13, 2018 12:02 am
Name: Elana "Auricular" Sanuss
Nickname/Alias: Grabby Weirdo
Hunter Rank: None
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Monster Hunter Roleplay OCs AVIFqiQ
Height: 5'11
Personality: Elana is a cheerful member, always happy to hand out hugs to people and talk for hours if someone will listen. Madly in love with nature and the wildlife, she spends more time in the canopy of forests and jungles observing than she does in contact with people. Vehemently opposed to the killing of monsters, she applauds any and all preservation methods taken by her fellows. She takes her inherited title seriously, introducing herself always as Auricular, and getting mad when people call her Elana.
Bio:  Elana was the child of Aadrin Sanuss, the original hunter to get the title of Auricular for bringing peace to an entire chain of villages singlehandedly and slaying many elders who endangered the world. Growing up hearing tales of the beasts, she often envisioned herself on the hunt with her father, bringing down Rathalos and Uragaans and swimming alongside Lagiacrus, dodging Glavenus and running from Deviljhos. It seemed like the perfect life to her.

Eventually, on her twelfth birthday, a harvest festival was on. A Jhen Mohran had been sighted, and Auricular had decided to take her to see the hunt. Sitting in the back of the sand ship, she waited patiently. As she came onto the deck, the beast jumped over the boat with incredible grace, it's roar deafening her in the best of ways. Watching dozens of vessels swarm the beast as it cruised through the desert, she couldn't feel the joy her imagination always granted. No, this was regret. The beast just wanted to live, go about it's day in peace and float through the sands. Instead, it was being bombarded with cannonballs and ballista. It was then dragged into a sort of killing pit, where a ship waited to impale it.

Watching in horror as dozens of ropes held it in place, her father swinging the pickaxe to activate the dragonator, Elana knocked him overboard. The ship shook, the Jhen Mohran wrenching itself free and swimming away. Tears streaming down the young girls face, she defended her actions, preaching that monsters shouldn't be hunted simply because they're available. Even after many punishments from her father, she wouldn't budge on her sentiment, guilting him every single time he accepted a job from the guild.

On a hike through the woods, Elana and her two friends were attacked by a Zinogre. The massive lupine wyvern was defending it's territory, which they had accidentally breached. Her face ripped at by the beast, it began charging it's lightning to finish them off, however a Deviljho had arrived, using the opening as a chance to get at it's large prey. Her friends running, Elana was frozen in terror. Blood soaked the ground around her as she called for help, but none ever came.

Watching the behemoths combat each other, she couldn't stand to think of them killing each other, using a knife to cut loose some vines on top of the Deviljho. Entangled, it was electrified by the Zinogre, causing the glutton to limp away. Covering her face as the wyvern approached, Elana was shocked when it merely cleaned her shirt of blood, before setting itself up back in the cave where it lived.

Over the weeks, Elana would visit the wounded animal time and time again, having sworn her friends to secrecy about its presence. Something as dangerous as a Zinogre would surely be hunted if word got out. Staying far away at first, she eventually got brave enough to set foot in it's territory, then inside it's cave. It had two pups, one was oddly coloured black and red. Maybe it was gratitude for saving her, maybe it was to keep itself hidden, and maybe it was just old age, but the beast didn't attack Elana. Naming it Zinzu, quite inventive for the young girl, she spent years visiting it whenever she could.

Eventually, though, Zinzu stopped showing up for their meetings at daybreak. Fearing the worst, Elana scoured the woods, not finding a trace of the beast. Her pups remained, still snacking on food left by their mother. Imprinted on Elana, she started feeding them fish from a nearby river, eventually showing them how to snag it out with their paws, and how to tip over trees to get fruit. They grew under her care, not as hunters but as gentle scavengers.

Her father found out about the pair, and when he wanted to take them away, she protested, even more than the day she freed the Jhen Mohran. After much talk with a Guild representative, it was decided Elana could keep the two, if she joined the Guild when she was older as a researcher. Wholeheartedly agreeing, she named the two Streak and Scorch, based on their fur. They were introduced to the village, who all admitted to having known about Zinzu and her pups. Agreeing to raise them, Elana was ecstatic.

Until she was made to leave. The Guild came for her on her nineteenth birthday, the age most hunters, handlers, and researchers were put into training. Forced to leave her beloved pets, she traveled with the guild, advocating for peaceful relationships and study of  the monsters. Being granted her fathers title of Auriculer by the Guild, despite not being a hunter herself, she proudly took the mantle. Upon hearing of a new expedition, she raced after the opportunity to explore new lands and meet new creatures.
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