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Welcome to Team Kios Empty Welcome to Team Kios

on Mon May 08, 2017 11:47 am
Hello, and welcome! I'm pleased to be the first to officially welcome you to our forum, Team Kios! For those of you who are new, or just scoping out the website, you may be wondering what our title means. After all, its quite a unique name. To put it simply, Team Kios is group lead under the Moderator @Iskios who support each other in all we do.
Over the years we've all become so much more than friends, we truly are family now. By joining you receive an opportunity to become apart of that family too. This forum isn't just your typical online community, it exists for you. Each of you individually. It is a safe place for you to come to escape the stress and conflict of your everyday lives, a place where you can relax. Personally, it is my greatest hope that as you spend time here you will feel comfortable enough to build up your ambitions, hopes, and dreams.
If you allow it to, Team Kios can become a part of you that inspires you to aim higher and gives you the support you need to succeed in whatever obstacle you may be facing. A second family that can help you when you need it, and love you like only family can. This can be the home you've always wanted, if you just take the time to give it a chance. Though even if you aren't ready to join just yet, know that we'll always be here waiting for you when you decide you are.

Please keep in mind this forum is set up on a PG-13 framework, and make sure that you are comfortable staying within or under that range in form of content when you post.


Number One: Respect Others- This rule is very important in upholding the fundamentals of what this forum represents. Regardless of pervious disagreements, personal beliefs, or political standings, please be courteous of all the other users you encounter. If for some reason there is a repeated behavior of disrespect coming from any given user on the site, please inform a Moderator. The staff will handle it as soon as they are able.

Number Two: Take Disagreements Elsewhere- As we are trying to maintain a welcoming forum, please keep any arguments you may have with other members off of the main threads. If possible, please settle small disagreements out on your own through our PM system or another messaging unit of your choosing. However it the argument is too serious for you to handle on your own, please contact the staff! They will help you sort things out to the best of their abilities as soon as possible.

Number Three: Refrain From Offensive Language- This includes frequent cursing, and offensive terms or insults. Since we are a PG-13 community you will not be contacted by staff for occasionally cursing, we simply ask that you keep it in line for our younger users. There is a time and a place where it's appropriate to say certain things, and others where it isn't. We simply ask you to be mindful of those circumstances.

Number Four: No Plagiarizing- This rule applies to plagiarizing in all its forms. Writing, idea development, and artwork. If you should choose to use someone else's creative property in order to benefit a roleplay, story, or anything else you post here, we ask that you credit the materials back to their original owners. While this might not seem like that big of a deal, plagiarism in all it's forms have unfortunately become a normality amongst online communities. As a creative community ourselves, Team Kios is taking a step in the right direction to fight against that. Your help in making that goal a reality is appreciated greatly!

Number Five: NO Pornographic Content. The rule that speaks for itself, pornographic content will not be tolerated on the forum. This is the only rule that the first violation of will lead to an automatic band from the website. So please be aware of that.

Number Six: Have Fun! And welcome to Team Kios!

Because this forum is set up to be a safe place, we ask that you follow all of these rules in order to provide comfort for as many users as we possibly can. Violation of these rules will be handled by our Moderators, and will be set up on a three strike system.

First Offense- Warning
Second Offense- Temporary Suspension
Third Offense- Account Ban

The only exception to this rule is violations of Rule Number Five, which will lead to an Account Ban on the first offense.

Well, there's only one thing left to say... Welcome Home!


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